Yangzhou Gideon Chemical Co., Ltd. located on the side of the Ancient Grand and the crossroads of Baqiao onBeijing Shanghai Expressway.We have great capacity in scientific researching and development. Gideon is a comprehensive scientific and technological enterprise dealing in dsearching, developing, producing chemical products and rich producing experience in air oxidation. We can produce P-Toluic acid(6000MT/Year),M-Toluic acid(5000MT/Year),1,4-Naphthoquinone(300MT/Year).

Gideon’s products are sold at home and all of economical index have com up to advance demstic standard . The innovative products and their good after—sale service have earnd praise among the clients at home and abroad . The people of Gideon cordially invite enterprises at home and abroad to cooperate with them, form a stable strategic fellowship and jointly make adue contribution to the world’s chemical industry.

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