Gideon Institute is researching in some aspects:application of devotion and output method in chemical industry; layout model of chemical industry; economic benefit of chemical technology progress and reconstruction; new products demanded by the customers and so on. Jideon Institute paid more attention to competition and benefit and have developed a series of products which were popular at home and abroad. The products of Jideon are considered to have bright future in chemical industry, pesticide, medicament and dyestuff field. In order to service society and customers, Jideon Institute is developing some activities such as technology cession, technology consultation, and products detection. Welcome customers at home and abroad to contact us wholeheartedly.

Yangzhou Gideon Chemical Co,.ltd.
ADD:Baqiao Road Junction, Jinghu Express way ,Yangzhou, Jiangsu ,China
Post code : 225642
Contact person:Shuncheng Liu
Fax:+ 86-514-84528999
Mobile phone:+86-13952773333
E-mail:[email protected]

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